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Cooling Tower and Support Structure Replacement

A Tier One automotive parts manufacturer in Sanford, NC had a cooling tower system that had aged to a point that basin leaks were creating a safety issue in the winter and water/treatment costs were beginning to rise. In addition, the support structure had corroded and needed to be replaced.

Digitrol was asked to replace the cooling towers and provide a new structural steel design to allow for better maintenance access.

The new cooling towers were provided with internal and external maintenance platforms/rails and the new support structure, while greatly simplified, included a staircase, secondary ladder and a full catwalk around all three towers.

The owner now has a tower system that will last for many years, be easy to access and maintain, and operate more efficiently with variable speed rated motors.



Redesigned Structure

The existing structure was very complex with multiple levels of steel, making it difficult to navigate the roof area and access the cooling tower components. The cooling towers also had very few maintenance options. All of this resulted in difficulty servicing the equipment, which requires regular preventative maintenance. The new structure was designed as one level with ample room to walk on the roof below.

Stairway Access

The new HDG cooling tower structure includes a stairway that is supported above the roof, allowing access for future roofing repairs/replacements.

Bar Grating Catwalk

All three cooling towers are surrounded by a HDG bar grating catwalk for access to the cold water basins and tower access doors. Ladders to the top of the cooling towers land at the bar grating level. A perimeter handrail, kneerail and toeboard assure the owner of a safe working environment for both the cooling tower fan deck and the support structure catwalk.

Date Completed:   May, 2018
Location:                 Sanford, NC
Application:            Industrial Manufacturing
Equipment:             Cooling Towers; Support Structure
Driving Factors:     Safety; Energy Efficiency; Ease of Maintenance

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