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“Process Cooling Chiller installation keeps this plastic manufacturing machinery cool”

Badger Color Concentrates in Kings Mountain, NC recently purchased a new  Thermal Care 60 ton remote air cooled chiller for their process cooling. Digitrol was pleased to install the chiller, remote condenser and associated refrigerant piping for the project.

Process cooling applications require reliable equipment with built in redundancy to maintain manufacturing operating 100% of the time. The chiller installed here has dual refrigeration circuits with separate evaporators and condensers that are completely independent from each other. This allows the unit to be serviced without shutting down the entire process. 

If you need assistance with this type of product, we have the experience to help.

Badger Color Concentrates is an industry leader in masterbatch and liquid color manufacturing for the plastics industry. We are proud to support them in their process cooling needs.  

Date Completed:   November 28, 2017
Location:                 Kings Mountain, NC
Application:            Industrial Process Cooling
Equipment:             Remote Air Cooled Chiller
Driving Factors:     Critical Facility Machinery Cooling


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