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“Installation to avoid downtime keeps plant running at optimal performance”

In 2016, a large industrial manufacturing firm in Gastonia, NC required a multi-cell cooling tower system replacement with minimal downtime. The work involved three single cell and one two cell counterflow cooling towers that had to be swapped out. Each tower was replaced one at a time with some minor modifications required to the existing piping system. All work was completed without interrupting any normal production which required both after hours and weekend work. Marley MD Series Cooling Towers were chosen for the project.

The job was completed on time with a very satisfied customer!

Date Completed:  May, 2016
Location:  McAdenville, NC
Application:  Industrial Manufacturing
1,300 Ton Cooling Tower
1,300 Ton Chiller
Vertical Inline Pumps
Vertical Turbine Pumps
Driving Factors:  More Efficient Operation

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