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“Changing out cooling towers on an uptown high rise presents quite a few challenges”

Replacing a cooling tower on a 27 story building requires a higher level of skill than your typical job. This building was built in 1982 and is 388’ tall.  With no crane available to set the towers, a helicopter had to be be utilized.  This meant we had three existing cells and supporting steel to remove, then a new support structure, three new cells and all new piping headers to hoist to the roof. All during a weekend day with multiple streets of uptown Charlotte blocked off. This required a lot of logistics, coordination, and prefabrication.

Timing was critical as the weight of the towers was at the limit for the helicopter. Some cooling tower materials had to be hoisted separately and field installed. Even the weather can impact these weight limits.

Everything went as planned and the new towers were operational by Monday morning for business as usual.

Date Completed:   March, 2005
Location:                 Charlotte, NC
Application:            Commercial Hi Rise
Equipment:             Cooling Towers; Water Filtration
Driving Factors:     Fast Turnaround; Helicopter Hoist

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